Monday, April 15, 2019

Just Keep Showing Up; A Lesson From The Woods

I've been thinking about the rise and fall of Tiger Woods. 

After 14 major titles, the most famous (an infamous) golfer in history had a fall from grace in the public eye and then a lot of health issues including 4 major back surgeries. 2008 was his last major win. But, damn, he kept showing up.11 years of trying for that comeback. 11 years of naysayers, putting it out there, trying and not winning after nothing but winning, how many others would have--or have- slunk away into oblivion. But he kept trying. 

I am not a golfer, and in fact think it is one of the more boring sports EVAH to watch, BUT, I'm happy to see him back at the top again. Tiger broke barriers. When he was young, blacks weren't even allowed onto so many courses and clubs, so to be a man of color and win so many championships was incredible enough. But to seem him win again after so many trials makes it all the sweeter. People often love to see stars fall, and so many judged him for the mistakes he made in his personal life. It boggles my mind how the public descends on the famous who fall from grace. Listen, we all got something! We all struggle. We all screw up. It's just that famous people are hung out to dry-while many un-famous people make mistakes no one knows about but sit in judgement. Tiger's comeback gives me hope on so many levels.

That it is possible to face a health challenge and come out on the other side.

That we can have an encore career after a career of success that we thought might be behind us. 

That comebacks are possible...if you just keep showing up.

I'm gong to just keep showing up. Thanks for the lesson, Tiger. 

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