Friday, November 26, 2010

Things To Be Thankful For

I woke up Thanksgiving Morning to the sound of a hard rain on my roof. I pondered the fact that it is Thanksgiving, and although I know I have much to be thankful for, I admit I am sometimes guilty of not keeping that fact top of mind.

Alone in the house, I began to focus on that. I missed my girls, I reflected on past Thanksgivings with a full house--and felt sadness that the holidays have not been the same without my girls home, without my parents, without my husband. Trying to snap out of it I marveled at the pouring rain. I looked at my dogs lying next to me, warm and dry and tried to think of so many who have no roof over their head. It's so easy to focus on those things that drag us down. Easy to think about what we don't have. what we want instead of those things that we have now and should be appreciative of.

I turned on the TV to a news story about a local church preparing Thanksgiving meals for the needy--again reminding me of those who don't have a place to go and eat and share the love of family and friends; and any twinge of sadness and focus on my "problems" seemed to fade. The next news story was on Black Friday. A reporter was on the scene of a local store where people were camped out, some since Tuesday, so they would be the first in line for the deals. The reporter asked a man who was camping with his young daughter how it was going since the weather had turned so cold and rainy. He complained that he had to get more propane for his heater because" no one wants to be out on a night like this with no heat."


One the one hand, there are homeless people sheltering themselves from the rain, living under bridges or makeshift tents because they have nowhere to go, while this man was "camping" for 3 days so he could get a deal. It brought to mind the story of the man who was trampled to death at a Walmart last year on Black Friday. Have we lost our minds?

It was the reality check I needed Thanksgiving morning and a reminder to focus on being thankful for what I have not what I don't. To start every day with an attitude of gratitude. If you have your health, a roof over your head, a job and at least one person to love and who loves you you are blessed with more "gifts" than so many.

Happy Holidays.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A One Of A Kind Experience

I am a big believer in karma. There have been times when I have witnessed something that seems so wrong or unfair, that the only way I can justify it's senselessness is that somewhere down the road there will be knowledge gained or lessons learned for a person, a family, a community or a world that can make the injustice make more sense.

I am also a believer in the Universal Law of Attraction. That "like" attracts "like" and if you are in the presence of good and positive people and events good and positive things keep coming your way. Conversely the same goes with negativity.

Yesterday I was in the presence of a lot of positive vibes and good karma. In the unfortunate and sometimes even tragic stories that accompany how so many dogs and cats got to One Of A Kind Pet Rescue comes the end result of good people doing good things all in one place.

My on air partner Scott Wynn wrote a blog the other day about the effect this new state-of-the-art rescue facility had on him after taking the tour. He spoke of the hard to describe energy felt just being there. And yesterday, at the grand opening celebration, I knew what he meant. Of all the "remotes" and "appearances" I've been a part of in my radio career, this one felt different. So many people came. Hundreds. So many of them said that they had been hearing us talk about the place, hearing our once a week pet adoption feature over the last couple of years, hearing about our own dogs, our own love of animals, and the good work this particular rescue place does in our community, and they were moved to come.

This place is like no other. It is --or should be--the model for how homeless animals should be cared for. Clean, bright. Roomy. Each dog has a "suite" with a door than opens to a run, and then a fenced green area for socialization. There are all window viewing rooms so potential adoptive parents can spend time with the animal. The cats have this incredible space...a tower of spiral steps with cubbies on every level for the cats to hide in if they want. Room to be social. Room to be alone. Room.

It was cool to be in the presence of volunteers, workers and animal lovers of all ages in this wonderful environment that just seems to "breed" good karma. If you live in our area and can patronize their retail pet store for your pet needs, or grooming or perhaps utilize their dog trainer...know that it is a non-profit, and proceeds benefit the mission of caring for animals in need and rescuing them from euthanasia.